Reinventing the Everyday: The Fionalila Way

Welcome to Fionalila, your premier destination for creative exploration and innovative solutions. Fionalila is a creative playground where everyday things, both tangible and intangible, are reimagined and redesigned to enhance usability.

What we do

At Fionalila, our focus is clear – to improve the usability of products and systems.

From tangible physical objects to intangible software applications, we dive deep into the ‘why’ behind their existence and explore how these can be reshaped for the better. Our process involves observing, contemplating, and engaging in the relentless pursuit of creating better experiences. We, as artists, engineers, and thinkers, collaborate across disciplines to push the boundaries of what is possible

Why we do it

There are two main reasons that drive our passion.

Number one

A Quest for understanding

First, exploring the “why” behind things is inherently fascinating.

number two

The “Why” Journey

the journey of satisfying our curiosity about “why” and transforming it into innovative forms is our destiny.


Our mission is simple yet profound: To create better experiences and systems that empower people to reimagine and redesign their lives. We believe in challenging the status quo by asking the essential question - why must things be the way they are? This curiosity drives us to uncover new possibilities and turn them into reality

who are we

Inspiration Executioners

Eddie L.

30 years of embracing strangeness.

Ph.D. EE @ Texas A&M University at College Station.

Chris L.

20+ year soju lover, guitarlist.

Game designer with Engineering background.

Michelle H.

translates trends into timeless designs

Alumi @  The École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode(ESMOD).

Jennifer L.

Digital Artist

Class of 2026 @ Parsons School of Design.

Inspiration Contributors

Kenny Y.

Keep calm and relex

Full stack developer

CM Lee

movie enthusiast

M.S ME @ Seoul National University

Marco L.

A snowboarder

Ph.D. @ MIT Media Lab.

Brandon J.

Serial entrepreneur

Alumi, Y-combinator

Yoona C.

Design thinking speicalist

Alumi, Hyper Island London

Jaeryung L.

made with precision

Full stack inventor

Sean N.

Creativity booster

Full stack developer

Irene L.

Why into tangible.

Industrial Designer

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